Hi, I’m Adam Vee.

I’m a lawyer, audio engineer, and devoted music nerd.
Please note: I’m not accepting any new audio work at this time but can refer you to some very talented people based on your project needs and budget!

My Audio Services


Mixes connect your audience to the emotion in your music. Give your songs the aesthetic they deserve, whether clean and dynamic, punchy and energetic, or airy and ethereal.


Whether you're aiming for radio, vinyl, or digital, mastering shapes how your songs come across to listeners. Great masters will grab ears and excite your audience.


FACTOR demos, rhythm section bed tracks, final overdubs, or re-recording key parts: with a collection of classic and modern gear to pick from, your tracks can come alive.

Files & Data

Master recordings can be assigned ISRC codes for digital sales, encoded with metadata, and delivered in WAV, MP3, or other audio formats at no extra cost.


♩ Mixed by Adam    ♫ Mastered by Adam     ♪ Recorded by Adam


♩ Mixed by Adam    ♫ Mastered by Adam     ♪ Recorded by Adam

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Cherrie Laurel – Pleases Me ♫ ♪

Screenshot from Blonde Diamond's music video for Ghost Town View video

Blonde Diamond – Ghost Town ♩ ♫

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The Fugitives – Ring (live) ♩ ♫ ♪

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Christopher Smith (DRALMS) – Gently Gently ♩ ♪

FAQ / Rates


My rate for mixing is $45 per hour.

Mixing often takes around six to eight hours per song but this can vary widely. The time needed for a mix depends on how many audio tracks have been recorded, and whether any post-production work is required like noise reduction, tuning vocals, or drum editing.

On the other hand, songs that have very few elements (e.g. piano and vocal, vocal and acoustic guitar) can often be mixed quickly in two to three hours.


Mastering is at a flat rate of $50 per song.

For best results, let me know of some songs you like the sound of so I can get an idea for factors like average volume levels, tones, and so on.

Audio files should be sent in the same format as they were recorded and mixed (e.g. uncompressed WAV or AIF files). MP3s are not a suitable format for mastering except in cases where the original full-fidelity audio files have been lost.


Recording varies widely in the length of time required and the type of studio needed. If live drums need to be recorded, this will be the main factor in determining the size of studio to be used. Please send a message with some general project details and I’ll be happy to provide an estimate.

About Adam

Photo of Adam Veenendaal aka Adam Vee at 604 Studios, Vancouver

Adam Veenendaal has been writing and recording music for the past two decades. Recognizing his passion for manipulating sounds, he shifted his focus toward mixing and mastering for fellow musicians.

More than anything else, Adam appreciates unique recordings that stand the test of time. From the rawness of live recordings from the 1960s to the carefully crafted sounds of contemporary pop and electronic styles, he will find something to appreciate and apply to his own work.

He also…

…holds a diploma in Recording Arts: Music from the Art Institute of Vancouver, a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Concordia University in Montreal, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School at York University

…was recognized by DavidBowie.com for covering Bowie’s “Earthling” album during a summer vacation in 2011

…is influenced by music throughout the past century, including early blues and gospel, psychedelic pop, soul, shoegaze, post-rock, ambient, trip hop, and metal

…will gladly defend the musical brilliance of Harry Belafonte or The Monkees when asked.

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If you have any questions or would like a quote, please email adam[at]adamvee.ca.

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